Rylie & Ryan
Puppy and Human

One of the cutest new additions to the FLATS family is Rylie, the cutest 5-month-old golden pup on Lawrence Avenue. Rylie was accompanied by her human, Ryan.

Rylie - What's your daily Routine?

Walk, breakfast, snuggles with Dada, nap, walk (hopefully to pup town), nap, chew on something I'm not supposed to, walk (hopefully to pup town), hunting for my bestie Henry, dinner, nap, evening walk around the neighborhood by McDonald's so I can snag an abandoned fry, night snuggles with dada, then one last potty break in the dog run before bed! Whew - it's not easy being a cute pup!

Favorite Doggy Accessory?

My camo backpack. I take it on walks, and I know it's always filled with snacks and water.

Ryan - What has life been like since Rylie joined you?

My life has become more organized, she has a very routine schedule, I have to keep up or else she gets real sassy! She is a perfect compliment to me, I can be pretty shy, so she helps me become more social and present.
Who said snacks??
Backyard belly rubs.
A girl and her bag.

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