Web Designer

How do you take your coffee?

I like my sugar with coffee and cream.

Bike, walk, train, or drive?

All of the above!

Favorite Northside hangout?


What drives you?


Why Chicago?

Amazing city with so much to do!

Can't live without...


Do you have a four-legged roommate? Tell us about him/her

Bruno the Bulldog. He's wrinkly and cuddly and likes to bump things with his nose.

Favorite tchotchke?

Buddha statue

What would your Tinder profile say?

What would your Tinder profile say?

Define your style?


Hashtag yourself.


I Jam Out to...

Deep House

What would your punk band name be?

Downward Dog

If I am not at home, you can find me here.

By the lake

Random fact?

I have a gold tooth

What's your latest binge-watch?

Broad City

Cook us your favorite meal.

Chicken Enchiladas!
My ideal road trip would be any place as long as the car has music, beef jerky, and my pup in it!
Can't live without... Music
I Jam Out to...Deep House

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