Professional Eater

How do you take your coffee?

I'm more of a tea cup pig.

Bike, walk, train, or drive?

A very slow walk or riding in my Smart Car.

Favorite Northside hangout?

I enjoy the couch

What’s your ideal road trip?

Trips to the suburbs to graze on some grass.

What drives you?

Always in search of a truffle.

Can’t live without…

A good belly rub.

Why Chicago?

Why not?

Do you have a four-legged roommate?

I am the four-legged roommate.

Morning routine? ( in 3’s) Wake up, Brush teeth, eat breakfast

wake up, eat, sleep, repeat

Favorite tchotchke?

I'm a minimalist

What would your Tinder profile say?

Picky but worth it

Define your style?

Nudist, occasionally a black harness

Hashtag yourself.


I jam out to...


What would your punk band name be?.

The Piglets

If I am not at home, you can find me here.

With Napoleon the Pig in the suburbs

Random fact?

Pigs are smart, clean, and hypoallergenic (we have hair not fur!)
Can't live without a good belly rub.
I am a minimalist.
I am the four-legged roommate.

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