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Nutritious Snacks with Clinical Dietitian, Karlee

On Wednesday, January 17th, Karlee provided snacks and smoothies to residents who participated in a brief boxing seminar, as a part of our Ring in your Resolution event at The Lawrence House. The bars she created were pre-made at one of our kitchens at The Bush Temple in River North. Our fitness centers are always available for residents to squeeze a quick workout into their busy schedules, but as you may know, it's important to provide your body with the proper nutrients to fuel your energy. Karlee, a registered dietician, provides some tips for people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and says that while many people feel the need to cut entire groups of food out of their diets that rather, "When we legalize all foods and tune into our bodies' natural hunger and fullness cues, we allow ourselves to nourish our body in a way that meets our individual needs." Below are recipes that Karlee recommends as great pre-workout and post-workout snacks.

5 Ingredient, No-bake Granola Bars

"These bars are filled with a combination of complex carbs & healthy fat, which allows for a slow and extended release of energy."

· 2 cups of Medjool dates

· ½ cup maple syrup

· ½ cup peanut butter

· 2 cups almonds (can also do walnuts, peanuts, or cashews)

· 3 cups oats

· Optional: 1/4 cup chia seeds or hemp seeds

Full Recipe - The Minimalist Baker

Post-Workout Smoothie

This smoothie is filled with an appropriate ratio of three macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. These will promote muscle synthesis and recovery, fuel our bodies, and leave you feeling full and nourished for a longer period of time.

· 7 cups almond milk

· 3 cups frozen berries

· 3 cups frozen bananas

· 7 cups spinach

· 7 servings of vanilla protein powder

(I like the brand Vega. You can also use vital proteins collagen peptides – it is sold at whole foods and is flavorless)

· 3 avocados

· chia seeds/hemp seeds from the granola bars can be used in the smoothie as well

These bars are filled with a combination of complex carbohydrates + healthy fat which allows for a slow and extended release of energy.
Karlee checked out one of our kitchens at The Bush Temple to make her no-bake energy bars.
Karlee providing snacks and smoothies to Lawrence House residents after their boxing seminar with Big Joe and Avril Mathie.

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