Filmmaker & Skateboarder

How do you take your coffee?

Like my style

Bike, walk, train, or drive?

Skateboard, then train

Favorite Northside hangout?

My Rooftop

What drives you?


Can’t live without…

Homemade Chai

Why Chicago?


Morning routine? ( in 3’s) Wake up, Brush teeth, eat breakfast

wake up, shower, meditate, clean up, eat breakfast

Favorite tchotchke?

Rubix cube

What would your Tinder profile say?

Looking for someone to help with laundry and dishes

Define your style?


Hashtag yourself.


I jam out to...


What would your punk band name be?.

Blood Orange

If I am not at home, you can find me here.

Grant Skatepark

17) Random fact?

I once found a 3 legged buffalo nickel while looking through my coin jar with my buddy Sam. We ended up selling it for $775.05 on eBay.

What’s your latest binge-watch?

Rick N Morty

What’s your stripper name? ( First pet’s name + street you grew up on)

Speedy Miller haha

Cook us your favorite meal.

Smoked salmon on the baguette with pepperoni, Munster cheese, and mayo.
If I am not at home, you can find me at Grant Skatepark.
My tinder profile would say, "Looking for someone to help with laundry and dishes".
I define my style as ALL BLACK.

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