How do you take your coffee?

In frappuccino form w/ a shot of espresso

Bike, walk, train, or drive?

Walk and Train, but I keep telling myself I need to get a bike.

Favorite Northside hangout?

My room, because it's amazing and I'm too young to go to the bars or clubs :(

What’s your ideal road trip?

I'd be in a spacious SUV, with free gas and driving through Alaska again.

What drives you?

Knowing that there are people that really support me and have my back. I just want to make people proud. But also, I want to use my work for a greater good and to bring attention/appreciation to my people.

Why Chicago?

Because it's the perfect mix of city and country.. And because of Lake Michigan.

Can’t live without…

My cameras and Vitners Spicy Salt & Sour chips.

Do you have a four-legged roommate? Tell us about him/her

I wish :(. I want to adopt a puppy but I haven't had the chance to, and my puppy is living at home with my mom because he's too big.

Morning routine? ( in 3’s) Wake up, Brush teeth, eat breakfast

Wake up, brush teeth, talk shit on GTA Online.

What would your Tinder profile say?

It may or may not say, "I only look good in snapchat filters."

Define your style?

Whatever I'm feeling for the season. This fall, it's all black & cozy tings, ya feel?

Hashtag yourself.

Idk about myself, but if I had to make a hashtag rn, it would be "#WhatTheHellIsTchotchke"

I Jam Out to…

everything from Frank Ocean to 21 Savage. My other neighbor probably hates me.

What would your punk band name be?

Danny & The Rogue Cannons (see what I did there? Because I shoot w/ Canon? *Knee Slap*)

If I am not at home, you can find me here.

Work work work work work work (to the tune of Work, by Rihanna)

Random fact?

My hair is my prized possession

What’s your latest binge-watch?

Toyko Ghoul because anime is my jam.

What’s your stripper name? ( First pet’s name + street you grew up on)

Max Dogwood lmao

Cook us your favorite meal.

There are two things that I can't do in this world. I can't swim and I can't cook. But I guess my favorite meal is definitely a 6 piece w/ mild sauce and lemon pepper from Sharks. :)
I walk and train, but I keep telling myself I need to get a bike.

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