Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist



If I am not at home, you can find me ...

At school, a teahouse/ coffee shop, or Chinatown.

If you had a band, what would the name be? What genre?

Huang di and the rebellious Qi. Hip-hop/ Jazz.

What is your favorite festival in Chicago?

Renegade Craft Fair. Hands down.

Do you regularly check the weather or do you wing it?

You gotta check the weather in Chicago or travel can quickly become unpleasant

Describe your perfect date.

I'm a foodie, so any good restaurant, good vibes, and a little dessert.

Do you have a four-legged roommate? Tell us about him or her.

His name Shen, he's a Siamese/Tabby cat. He loves to play and is also a foodie himself.
If I'm not at home you can find me at a teahouse, coffee shop, or in Chinatown
I'm a full time student of Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbal formulation) and a Massage Therapist
My perfect date would be any good restaurant, good vibes, and a little dessert.

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