CoEdit Collection MISSION

CoEdit is a collection of contemporary photographs recommended by photo industry professionals, designers, creatives and entrepreneurs. We also aim to foster new relationships between our artists, curators and clients.

What services do you provide to the public?

Flowers for delivery, events, weddings. Our stems are hand curated daily at local farms and wholesalers for maximum freshness and seasonal variety. Bouquets come wrapped in unique, recyclable packaging, jute cloth, reclaimed woods, vintage tins. And we deliver free, by bike, with real people, to most of the city of Chicago.

How does your business get involved in your community?

Flowers for Dreams commits ¼ of our profits to a different local charity every month. We also partake in regular community service from refugee job training, adopt-a-puppy drive, workshops for the disabled, and more. The community is what drives our business and passion for this industry.


What makes your business stand out from the others?

Our values, aesthetic, pricing. We’re committed to being an accessible alternative to the overpriced local florists and often deceptive or “cheap” online wire services. Everything from our packaging to the stems we include in each bouquet, and the socially minded people that make up our team, we have a unique value proposition that revolves around pricing honesty, the unseen product details, and a commitment to community.

Is there anything you offer that no one else does?

We sell flowers all around Chicago via a vintage truck. Worked with city council to lift an outdated 1943 ban on selling flowers in the street. Another avenue for us to be that more accessible alternative.

How We Found Eachother

What makes a good partnership with your collaborators?

Shared values, commitment to community

Why did you think FLATS® was a good partnership?

An organization that believes beautiful design is a behavior, not a department, and that well-designed things should be accessible to as many people as possible. Chance to build community together.


What made the last collaboration event/organization with FLATS successful?

They’re support is unwavering. Their appreciation of local art and small business, and willingness to compensate those taking risks to provide each. Not to mention their attention to detail in promoting.

Are there any events/organizations coming up that you want to plug into your page?

Follow our flower truck on social media (@f4dtruck) for full schedule and event listings.

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