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There is nothing better than comfort food, Check out the latest episode of Local Eats where one talented Chicago chef shares his mouthwatering recipe for chicken and waffles.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

I wouldn't describe my style as "soul food" but it definitely has Southern vibes with some soul. I would classify it as Southern Fusion, as I like to incorporate other ethnic flavors to my Southern foundation.

Tell us about your take on chicken and waffles. What makes your batter special? What's the secret to making the perfect waffle?

When I think Chicken & Waffles, I look for a light, airy, and crispy waffle. Well seasoned, buttermilk brined, crunchy-coated chicken wing, and a creative, infused maple syrup. Honey, buttermilk, and whipped egg whites are a MUST.

Before you saw an ad for culinary school on the subway, was the thought of becoming a chef on your radar? When did the dream start to become reality?

Prior to that subway encounter I can't say confidently that it was on my radar, but I enjoyed cooking on my own and the creativity it offered. At that point I really had nothing to lose so I just gave it a shot. When I got my chef uniform and crocs on the first day of class it hit me that if I stuck with it and saw things through I could be on my way to a very cool career.

You expressed a desire to work towards getting a food truck up and running. What is that process like?

One word, "INSANE". There are so many things to consider, branding, location, menu offerings, truck equipment. Then to get the truck on the streets and running all the necessary permits and licensing needed. However, it'll be worth it once it's up and running!

How does living and working in Chicago compare to other cities you've lived in?

No comparison at all! NYC was a fun time, truly is the city that never sleeps and there is always something to do. I enjoyed the hustle and bustle, and just the melting pot of cultures NYC offered. However, I'm from Chicago so I'm biased in this opinion, but it really is the greatest city in the world.

Where can we find you on IG?

@cookwoodp and #WoodisCookin