Taylor & Aria
Apple Specialist / Actress

What is your favorite part of your building?


What do you do for a living?

Aria — I'm finishing up my degree in Comedy Writing and Performance, working on building my blog, performing at The Second City Training Center and doing freelance social media work. I guess if you put hyphens between all that it could maybe be a job title? Taylor — I'm a Specialist at Apple, a recent Sports Journalism grad of Columbia College Chicago and I play baseball for the Chicago Elite.

What drives you?

Surrounding ourselves with people who are super passionate about what they do.

What Hashtag do you frequently use?

#livecolorfully and #thehappynow...and #weareflats ;)

Define your style.

Aria — Well, when he isn't dressed up Taylor is very into sneakers and street style - and I'm never not wearing black jeans, a t-shirt and a jean jacket. But I'd say our combined style in our apartment is like mid-century minimalist meets #athleisure meets Renegade Craft Fair? With a splash of Target clearance aisle?

Do you work from home, and if so, what space do you utilize as a makeshift office?

Yes! Either our kitchen table or downstairs in the lobby.

Do you ever connect with other residents who also work from home in our common spaces?

Totally! We've even made friends in the gym before.

What's your ideal road trip?

Chicago to California in the fall. In a car full of snacks. Lots of snacks.

Which past era intrigues you the most and why?

Aria — I love the aesthetic of the 90's. Jennifer Aniston was my first girl crush and I love the minimalist styles of brands like Tommy Hilfiger. Plus I think life right at the dawn of computers and at the end of a millennium is really interesting. Taylor — The 80's! The bright colors and the music? For sure.

What movie prop do you wish you owned?

Aria — Olive's red sparkly leotard from "Little Miss Sunshine". Taylor — Steve Zissou's Adidas sneakers from "The Life Aquatic".

How do you keep up to date with your friends? (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, in person)

In person, FaceTime, Instagram.

I jam out to ...

Chance the Rapper. (and also like, anything and everything else from Kanye to Alt-J to The Cranberries)

On Friday nights you can find me...

At the movies (the one downtown with the fancy recliner chairs.)

Can't live without

Tofu pad thai and gummy vitamins. (Not necessarily together.)

Why Chicago?

It's the best. The big city feel mixed with midwestern manners is one of our favorite parts. Plus the fact that you can be sitting on a beautiful beach with a huge city sitting right there behind you? Huge selling point. And then of course, there's Wrigley Field.

Describe your perfect date.

Take Ferris Bueller's itinerary, but switch out the Sears Tower for the John Hancock building and the fancy French restaurant for Cozy Noodles and Rice. Then maybe add in an improv show, just to balance it out.

Do you have a four-legged roommate? Tell us about him/her.

Yes! Theodore is our two and a half-year-old hedgehog. He is as grumpy, spikey and nocturnal as roommates come, but also totally adorable.
Theodore is our two and a half-year-old hedgehog. He is as grumpy, spikey and nocturnal as roommates come, but also totally adorable.

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