Stylist / Social Media Coordinator

What do you do for a living?

I do a few things currently. I'm a Stylist at Trunk Club, a Social Media Coordinator at Black Girl in Om, as well as some freelance marketing, social media, and photography.

Do you have Hobbies or Special Talents?

I'm a photographer!

What's your morning routine?

1. wake up 2. snooze too long 3. justify all the reasons I could/should stay in bed *im not a morning person lol

Alarm Clock or use your phone?

Clock on my phone. I've been able to kind of train myself to wake up without it lately! *shout out to my very large windows and the sun waking me up.

If I'm not at home you can find me...

Working at a coffee shop somewhere or at the movies!

If you had a band, what would they sound like?

An 80s funk revival synthy r&b thing.

Favorite Chicago festival?

I love Pitchfork! It's the only one I make sure to go to every year.

Why Chicago?

I moved here for school because I had always wanted to live in a city. Chicago has such an incredible energy. I think it has a vibe that is kind of underrated. There are so many amazing creative people living in this city and creating their own lanes.
Alex taking photos of her roommate in her at-home studio.
There are so many amazing creative people living in Chicago and creating their own lanes.
You can find Alexandra's photography on her Instagram, @zzsophistafunk

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