Documentary Filmmaker & Editor

What do you do for a living?

Transmedia producer & Video Editor

What drives you?

Good design

What Hashtag do you frequently use?


Define your style.

Earth tones.

Do you work from home, and if so, what space do you utilize as a makeshift office?

I work on site right now, but for creative projects, I have my trusted editing desk in my flat.

What's your ideal road trip?

To the Grand Canyon.

Which past era intrigues you the most and why?

Late 1800's. I think the Chicago World's Fair would be incredible to go to.

What movie prop do you wish you owned?

Sonic Screwdriver

How do you keep up to date with your friends? (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, in person)

Instagram and Facebook

I jam out to ...

Animal Collective

On Friday nights you can find me...

At a crappy dive bar for Karaoke.

Can’t live without...

A deck of cards.

Morning routine in 3's? (e.g., wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast)

Coffee, Feed my cat (Lady), MSNBC,

If I am not at home, you can find me ...

roaming around Humboldt Park or Andersonville.

Why Chicago?

Friendliest and genuine city folk

Describe your perfect date.

Exploring Andersonville and finishing it off with some Middle eastern food.

Do you have a four-legged roommate? Tell us about him/her.

Lady; she's a rescue from Treehouse Cats.
Can't live without a deck of cards.
My cat, Lady; she's a rescue from Treehouse Cats.
I work onsite right now, but for creative projects I have my trusted editing desk in my flat.

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