9 to 5 job

How do you take your coffee?

Splash of cream

Morning routine? ( in 3’s) Wake up, Brush teeth, eat breakfast

Cycle to yoga, do yoga, cycle to work. My legs could choke a horse; not bragging it's just the truth.

Bike, walk, train, or drive?


Favorite Chicago hangout?

Crew, Fat Cat, sofo tap on Saturday when everyone brings their dogs, Replay... I like a cocktail and an activity.

Do you play an instrument?

I've daydreamed about playing the cello for about 35 years.

What’s your ideal road trip?

IKEA in Schaumburg followed by wings at Hooters. I have absolutely no wonderlust.

Why Chicago?

I moved here initially because it was an affordable big city but I've grown to live the bipolar personality. The manic summers and the absolute quiet and solitude of the winters.

Can’t live without…

Vyvance, camera, bike, boyfriend, Chuckles (the candy).

What would your Tinder profile say?

I've already swiped right but we're open to some guest appearances.

Define your style?

Minimal, form meets function; I basically wear the same thing every day

Hashtag yourself.

I will do no such thing.

I jam out to...

I'm a pop optimist. All the great terrible pop music, I succumb to you.

What would your punk band name be?

What's Your Destiny and the Children

If I am not at home, you can find me here.

Walking around uptown taking pictures

Random fact?

63 earths can fit inside Uranus.

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